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HealthHack Dream - Melatonin Personal Diffuser

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Main Ingredients:
Melatonin - acts as a sleep aid as it is the hormone that regulates your body’s sleep-wake cycle. Aside from helping you get sleepy, it also helps boost your immune system due to its anti-oxidant effects.
Chamomille - helps ease your stress and anxiety with its soothing properties. Ultimately, it helps your mind and body calm down with its sedating effect.
Lavender - alleviates stress and tension helping you relax. This is a good remedy for restlessness - helping you sleep peacefully.
Other Ingredients:
Sweet Fruit Flavor - gives the sweet organic aftertaste for a good experience.
Vegetable Glycerin - is the odorless, mild, sweet liquid made out of soybean, & coconut oils that binds the other ingredients
Propylene Glycol - is the liquid that keeps the ingredients together

How do I use it?
Inhale for 7 times (recommended) 30 minutes before sleeping. Kindly remember to inhale then hold it in your lungs for 6-10 seconds before exhaling slowly through the nose to feel the best results.
Also, it is important to turn the lights off and avoid blue-light from computer screens or phones to maximize the effect. Most importantly, get cozy! 

How fast does it take effect?
It varies from one person to another but as long as it is used properly, then it should take 15-30 minutes before you feel the soothing effect and get sleepy. For some, it may even take effect faster.

What is the difference from a normal sleeping pill/capsule?
Normal sleeping pills/capsules take longer to effect as you would need to digest it first unlike Dream which is inahaled and absorbed directly to your bloodstream. Also, Dream does not have that groggy and heavy after feeling upon waking up making it your perfect sleeping buddy!

Does it contain Nicotine or other components that are found in E-cigarettes?
NO. The main ingredients are Melatonin, Chamomille, and Lavender. It does not contain Nicotine or any other harmful chemicals.

How long does it last?
One (1) Dream diffuser lasts for 300-350 inhales so it should last you for 1 to 1 & 1/2 months.

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