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Top 5 Best Vape Pen Brands in the Philippines

Vaping has been steadily gaining in its rapid popularity. We saw a huge increase in the market for different types of vape pens being manufactured. 

Since there is a huge uptake and use from many Filipinos ages 18 and above especially those residing in Metro Manila, Cebu City, and Davao whose now including vape pens in their trendy lifestyle. We decided to list out the best vape pens in the Philippines.

Here's the Top 5 Best Vape Pen Brands in the Philippines:


  • LIX - Vape in Style and Sustainability with LIX - The Philippines' Innovative Home-Grown Vape Brand


    LIX is a newcomer and game changer in the local vape scene. As the Philippines' first home-grown vape company, LIX offers an eco-conscious disposable pod system that is unique in the market. With rich and long-lasting flavors, our pods are designed for zero leakage, making them the most cost-effective pod replacement option. Our mod device boasts a long-lasting battery that can last up to 2 days, providing a more convenient and reliable vaping experience compared to other mods. Additionally, LIX device and pods use less plastic, making it a sustainable choice for consumers who are looking to reduce their environmental impact. LIX is set to shake up the local vaping industry with its innovative and socially responsible approach.

    What's Inside: The new LIX ECO system is designed to provide a sustainable and satisfying vaping experience. The system includes both the LIX Eco Mod device and LIX Eco Pod. The Mod has a built-in battery capacity of 850mAh made out of pure cobalt with a USB Type C bottom connector, providing a long-lasting battery life of up to 2 days. The replaceable pods are designed with side-loading to eliminate leakage, and paired with the Advance Dual Vertical Coil called FlavorBoost 2.0, it can impressively produce 6000 puffs with rich and long-lasting flavors. Vapers can expect to enjoy their favorite flavors effectively without any compromise over time, and can enjoy a smooth throat hit with no burns. The LIX Eco device and pods are also designed to use less plastic, making it a more sustainable option for consumers.

    The How: The LIX ECO system boasts a simple, lightweight, and compact design that makes it easy to use and carry around. The device features a draw-activated system that allows for easy and convenient use, and the strong magnet holds the pod securely in place. The system is a RDL vape, which is a good middle ground for those seeking to enjoy the best of both worlds in vaping. It offers the satisfaction of a mouth to lung vape, but also allows for a more open draw which is similar to a direct lung vape. This makes it perfect for vapers who are looking for a balance of flavor and vapor production. The LIX ECO is easy to use and perfect for vapers of all levels of experience.

    The Pros: In my opinion, the LIX ECO system is a game changer in the vaping industry. Its eco-conscious design is commendable, as the device and pods use less plastic, making it a more sustainable option for consumers who are looking to reduce their environmental impact. The long-lasting battery of up to 2 days is a standout feature and a major plus for vapers who are always on the go. The pods' side-loading design eliminates leakage, and with the Advance Dual Vertical Coil called FlavorBoost 2.0, it produces rich and long-lasting flavors that are sure to impress. The simple, lightweight, and compact design of the device makes it easy to use and perfect for vapers of all levels of experience. The RDL vaping experience is a perfect balance of flavor and vapor production, making it an ideal choice for vapers who are looking for a middle ground. The draw-activated system makes it easy to use, and the strong magnet holds the pod securely in place. What's more, the device only costs 200 pesos and the pods 400 pesos each, making it the most cost-effective pod system vape in the Philippines while still offering the best of quality and experience. Overall, LIX ECO is a must-try for vapers who are looking for a sustainable, satisfying, convenient and cost-effective vaping experience.

    The Cons: While the LIX ECO system has many advantages, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. One potential con is that the device and pods are only compatible with each other, limiting the choice of e-liquids and replacement pods. Additionally, the device and pods are only available in the Philippines, which may be inconvenient for international vapers. Another potential downside is that the device is a RDL vape, which may not be ideal for vapers who prefer a tight mouth to lung draw or a direct lung vape.

    In conclusion, the LIX ECO system is a fantastic option for vapers who are looking for a sustainable, satisfying, convenient and cost-effective vaping experience.If you're interested in trying out the LIX ECO for yourself, you can purchase the device and pods on our website. Don't miss out on this game-changing vape system and experience the best of the Philippines' first home-grown vape company.

    First time to purchase LIX Eco? Order the LIX Eco Starter Kit through this link: LIX ECO BUNDLE. That way, you get P100 off when you buy 2 pods, or get a free device when you buy 3 pods for a bundle deal!

    LIX ECO Rechargeable Disposable Vape Starter Kit

  • YOOZ - A vaping experience just like a cigarette

  • One of the market leaders, YOOZ vape pens are known to be one of the only vape pens out there that creates and closes the gap for an e-cigarette nicotine level that is comparable to an actual cigarette nicotine level.  

    What's Inside: A typical YOOZ vape pen package includes 1 Device piece and 1 cable piece. It is built with aviation aluminum and comes with a built-in battery capacity of 350 mAh, with a bottom connector which is a USB Type-C. 

    A cartridge is good for 3-5 days, you can expect 500 puffs of pod endurance or the rate of 2-3 packs of cigarettes. YOOZ also comes with a lithium-ion battery, a circuit board, and an impressive pressure sensor. It is heat resistant and has a stainless- steel vapor path. Vapers can expect a softer effect on the throat, with less risk of dry burn because of the broad atomizer inlet. 

    The How: YOOZ is known to use nicotine salts that are found in tobacco leaves. Nicotine salt allows users to vape with higher nicotine strengths without any rough effect on the throat. 

    The Pros: Vapers end up using less vape because they already receive a bigger dosage of nicotine. 

    It also comes with natural flavors, and is very simple to use. It has no buttons or switches; users can just insert the pod and puff away! A big plus too is that it is without that dreaded nicotine-odor, with zero ash and convenient to carry. 

    If fully charged, you can use the device for 2 days, there is also no vapor produced while charging. 

    The Cons: Just like any vape pen, you can still expect a pod leakage and some users also stated issues with regards to the difficulty of the pod replacement process. However, if compared with other brands YOOZ seems to handle this issue better. 

    Click on the image below to shop the best-selling flavors from YOOZ

     yooz vape pods for yooz series 2 vape device  yooz disposable vape kit with 3000 puffs


  • RELX - a satisfying globally popular vape pen

  • RELX is a classic and a popular beginner vape pen globally. In some parts of the world, the brand RELX is already synonymous with all types of vape pen available. 

    What's Inside: Interestingly, the RELX vape pen comes with a very tidy, straight from  the Apple design book packaging. Everything is neatly arranged and includes: RELX Mod (Battery), 1 x Pre-Filled RELX Pod

    (Foil sealed), 1 x USB Charging Cable and 1 X User Manual

    The How: The RELX pod system is a simple device. It’s lightweight and compact with magnetized drop-in pods and an automatic MTL draw. It incorporates a standard TPD-compliant 2 mL pod capacity with a form factor that’s similar to the VFOLK Pro. Also like the VFolk Pro, the RELX vape pen utilizes FEELM atomization which has a micro honeycomb wicking design.

    The Pros: RELX vape pen has a tight but easy draw. It legit hits like how a cigarette would feel. It’s a legit MTL pull, but you don’t have to collapse your cheeks. The automatic switch engages with very little effort. We’ve noticed that we are able to take long drags, all the way without getting the burning feeling. And there’s been no gurgling, spitting or leaking whatsoever. One of the most satisfying vape pen experiences ever.

    The Cons: RELX is a closed system, you cannot refill it with other e-liquids making it a bit expensive. There is also a slight movement on the pod while attached to the battery. It has only one pod included in the official starter kit and the price is not really what you call affordable.

    Click on the image below to shop your favorite RELX Infinity Pods

    relx infinity pod for relx infinity vape device


  • SnowPlus - A quality vape with longer battery life

  • SnowPlus vape pens offer a unique feature amongst the crowded vape pen models out -- it boasts an 18 minute total charging time through its ‘Super Charge Technology’. 

    What's Inside: SnowPlus Pod system comes with a 450mAh battery as well as USB-C fast charging with claims of an 18 Minute charge time. The pod system is made out of a zinc alloy body with a rubberized finish and dust and water-resistant coating. 

    The How: SnowPlus pods are made from Easterman Tritan Copolyster which is a BPA free material while the coil/atomiser on the inside is ‘Truefeel HoneyComb Ceramic’ which is said to help the smooth mouthfeel and strong throat hit it exudes.

    The Pros: One of the many revolutionary benefits of this pod is definitely the 18-minutes of SuperCharge Technology, which provides an undeniably enjoyable performance for vape users as it allows them the ease of not having to wait for a long time for them to use it again. Not only that, but this vape pen product comes with a zinc alloy body and a rubberized finish that also has a dust and water-resistant coating that will ensure that the products last longer. 

    Cons: One of the biggest drawbacks for me personally, would be the fact that the basic pod system package doesn't come with pods itself. I mean I get why they are doing that but it is just disappointing. So a word to the wise, for those wanting to try this out -- make sure to purchase a separate pod. The only other drawback would be that the pods come with a strength of up to 30mg and 50mg, which means that this has limitations when it comes to the countries that can avail of it. ettes are sometimes promoted as ways to help cigarette smokers 

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  • YOOZ Go Disposable Vape - The best disposable vape pen

  • The YOOZ Go disposable is one of the single-use vaping devices that comes pre-filled with amazing flavors.  No charging or re-filling and comes ready to vape out the box. No Mess No Fuss - as directly advertised by the manufacturers. 

    What's Inside: Comes with 1.8mL of e-liquid and 320 mAh battery capacity that will last you all day long. 

    The How: Being one of the only known disposable vape pens around, YOOZ is known for its all-in-one ready to vape nicotine delivery system specifically designed to be disposed off after use. It features a lightweight and compact design with protection to guarantee to deliver smooth and flavorful draws with ease.

    Pros: YOOZ disposables come with a closed all-in-one pod system that contains the vape juice. It comes with a selection of flavors that are described as creamy and true to its taste. It is easy to use, just take it out of the box and use. It comes with a crystal like texture with an ergonomic shape feature, and one vape can last for up to 650 puffs depending on usage. This vape pen is said to pack the most flavor compared with other vape products and is the closest to the traditional 1 pack use of a cigarette. This is the simplest model out of all the vape pens we saw so far. 

    Cons: Along with the environmental impact of needing to get a new disposable vape pen every time we empty it out, another drawback is that the packaging may be hard to open for some people. 

    Click on the image below to shop our best-selling disposable vape

    yooz disposable vape device


    Final Thoughts on the best vape pens in the Philippines

    I have seen such a tremendous uptake on this space -- and while there's way too many vape pen brands & models coming out, we can see both the good & the bad. 

    One big hassle for every user would be the confusion as to which brand, model and type will be the best for use. I'd say -- just go with the market leaders; the ones I have mentioned above are what we regard as the best vape pens in the Philippines. It is also worth noting that  all of them have been put to the test and has been seen to include the basic functionalities that a beginner will be needing along with the ease of use and its affordability. 

    We all know that there's a couple of unique characteristics/functions/features that each vape is equipped with. At the end it will depend on how each feature is well suited to a user -- so I suggest that you just go ahead and take your pick and stick to what vape pen model works for your own personal preference.

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