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top 5 vape juice brands in the philippines

Top 5 Best Vape Juices in the Philippines

There are arguably thousands of vape juices on the market, and with different mod system vapes coming out. It becomes truly confusing to choose which ones will give you the kick that you are looking for. Today I will talk to you about the top 5 best vape juices we recommend that only offer the most sought-after taste from the highest quality premium brands.

Our selection is made up of the best vape juice flavors from the best brands like Cholo’s Blend, Afters, Maharlika, Viscosity Golden Drops and more. This ensures the best flavor, consistency, smoothness and vape-ability.

Before we forget, it's also good to know what are the types of vape juices for each mod system and how to properly gauge formulation,to get  a pitch perfect flavor profile that’s right for you. 

There are three main types of vape juice:

High PG Juice - Juice high in propylene glycol (PG) is great for a strong throat hit. It's sometimes called 50/50 PG/VG. 

High VG Juice - High in vegetable glycerine (VG) - is a vape juice that’s great for creating big clouds with high-power devices.

Nicotine Salts - Salts are high-nicotine liquid, suitable for small devices and pod systems. 

There are many types of vape juice. This can get confusing as someone who vapes, you need to make sense of it all. We need to understand that there are different vape juices for different styles of vaping. This needs to be a rule thumb because you need to have the right juice for the right mod system vape. For example, you can’t use a PG e-liquid in a sub ohm mod. It will not work! So let’s sport out the types of vape juice and what style of vaping they are made for.


Our Top 5 Best Vape Juices In No Particular Order

Cholo’s Blend

Considered as one of the top of the line vape juice brands in the Philippines, our top pick for this line-up is Cholo’s Blends. Known for its pod friendly and unique blend of flavors. Cholo’s Blend is a whole range of vape juices includes High PG juices, high VG juice and nicotine salts that can be used on most lines of mod system vape pens out in the market. 

Our recommendations: 

Blueberry Cheesecake (Extreme Nic Salt)

  • a delightful dessert that starts with a buttery crust, a creamy cheesecake feel with a tangy berry twist! It's perfect anytime of the year, it's berrytastic!

Honeydew Orange

  • a charismatic mentholated combination which offers a honey sweet melon flavor & citrus sweet zest of orange. It's undeniably delectable & fun!

Frozen Nerds

  • it's a charming taste of your childhood candy which has the irregular pebble shape; the ultimate nerd. It tastes like the original flavor of grape & strawberry combined in a bottle. You can never hate it with its freezy sensation in a puff!


  • Have a blast of your favorite probiotic drink in a form of vapor, yes you heard that right. This flavor of Cholo's Blend Yacoolt is likened to a real Yakult drink. It has a mid-level to strong cooling mentholated effectーthe first thing you will experience coming with the hint of its main flavor of Yakult. 

Afters Fruity Flavours Vape Juice

If you're someone who's childhood taste has never really left them, then this brand of vape juice is for you. Bring back your childhood memories with this blend of  fruity flavors by Afters. Most of the best vape juices have a flower-like smell but tastes exactly like fruits & candies!

The packaging is very neat and is carried in a detailed bottle. This awesome e-juice is from Afters, a trusted brand when it comes to fruit & dessert-inspired flavors. Enjoy your vaping experience with a sweet treat of real creaminess of a fruit in a bottle with a smokey after-taste.

Maharlika Salt White Nectar

Maharlika vape juice is known majorly for its vapor with an enticing aroma of vanilla almond cupcake flavor. You’ll be obsessed with a flavor since it makes you crave for the aftertaste of its sweet blend. It is 100% made in the Philippines and has a very tasty juice. It has a balanced ratio of VG/PG, which you can enjoy creating huge vapor with a yummy vanilla taste. 

Viscocity White Nectar Vanilla Almond Cupcake Flavor

Viscosity is mainly known for its smooth and flavorful rich vape juice. 

Viscosity by Hyperviscomatic is one of the best vape juice out there that is known. You can enjoy a nuttier taste with a blend of vanilla in just one bottle. It also boasts a smooth sensation on your throat that will give you an enthralling thrill after every puff. 

The bottle is very detailed and the packaging is also well-sealed-- a quality juice that is worth the price! It is also highly recommended to all pastry lovers out there. Enjoy your favorite pastry without breaking your diet.

So Cool Strawberry Daiquiri by Golden Drops

So Cool Strawberry Daiquiri is a unique blend of a minty flavor you'll love infused with your favourite fruity drink. 


Golden Drops is the maker of this vape juice who tops off our top 5 best vape juices list, it is with an awesome flavor and sweetness like no other. There is a slow menthol kick for a very suave hit after every drag.  Unlike the other mentholated juice, this strawberry infused daiquiri menthol juice has a smooth and cool vibe. 


It is an ordinary vape juice that can make you feel good all the time. It is one of the best vape juices for those who love mentholated juice that seeks out not just a cool flavour but a fruity one too. 

Since it is clear that the best flavors of our top 5 best vape juices are subjective, part of the fun of vaping is finding the right one. You may not find your favourites on this list; what we wrote might not be everybody’s cup of tea, and hey that’s okay. 

Vaping many different flavors from different brands before settling on some favorites is part of the appeal rather than trying different cigarettes. As long as you know the basics of how to choose the best vape juice not just for your taste preference but also for your mod vape system and your nicotine level. Then by all means go with the vape juices out there offering high standards and sourcing the best ingredients in making them. It goes without saying that the resulting vaping experience will be a marvelous treat if done right!
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