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Is YOOZ the best vape pen in the market? - VapeXpress

Is YOOZ the best vape pen in the market?

Trying to quit smoking can be hard, some might even say it is impossible, especially if you have tried a thousand times.

Nicotine found in tobacco is one of the main reasons why, apart from it being so addictive, it also keeps smokers from stopping due to the behaviour it carves. From even before, doctors would give nicotine patches, gums, or medications, to help ease the pain of quitting but only recently did some of the experts turn to vape. 

From 1965, when it was first invented, until today, vaping has revolutionized a means to veer away from cigarette smoking and its disease-causing effects.

In this article today, we'll not only provide you reasons why yooz is the best vape pen out in the market, but you will also get to know the advantages of getting one device in particular apart from the rest of the devices that’s widely available and how you can determine why we deem it leading against all market leaders. 

Best Vape Pen in the Philippines with YOOZ

There is only one phrase that comes to mind when it comes to Yooz - It’s The Next Level Vaping Experience. 

YOOZ, known as a newcomer in the vaping space, is  a unique, sophisticated, and dynamic vape pen brand that focuses on not just the experience of a drag but also the quality of the product.

We say this because, Yooz has easily won the favor of consumers in the market with its products as its core in less than a year of its introduction in the Philippines. Up to now, it has more than 30 explosive flavors and styles of tobacco rods, which can always bring varied and surprising experiences to the public which definitely sets the trend, tone & the culture of vaping in itself. 

I, myself (an occasional smoker) do find myself going for a drag with Yooz in comparison to other market leaders like RELX or SnowPlus. 

Why Yooz, over RELX or SnowPlus as the best vape pen

One curious thing I have noticed with Yooz that’s incomparable with other brands is how explosive the flavors of their e-liquid are. Along with the fact that I can fairly say, Yooz is the best vape pen for me and prolly about 70% of the vapers in the Philippines. 

Maybe, it has something to do with the fact that the experience of a drag is more like a drag of when I do smoke with a cigarette, unlike some market leaders where I find it too misty or with too much hot air that comes up empty with not just a lack of flavour but also the after taste of what a drag is supposed to feel like. 

I and a lot more vapers do find it refreshing that in our want to quit, a vape pen like Yooz, not only helps us capture the sensation of smoking (like a cigarette), but also helps us understand the need for us to quit by giving us an actual better alternative that does not remove the joy and the beauty of how we usually enjoy a drag, as they say when you do vape with Yooz, you do get a vaping experience just like a cigarette. 

Yooz, a simple vape pen that does what it does best: vaping

Apart from all the reasons given above, I can list about a dozen more on why Yooz, is the best vape pen to beat. 

But, since we do have limited time (I am pretty sure you are too), let’s cut to the basics and to one of the simplest yet most impactful why: It is simple to use , it is seamless and the ease & convenience it brings is just like a traditional cigarette. 

Yeap, you read that right, unlike the rest of the vape pen market leaders where there’s a lot to mind (like buttons, and the charging time and whatever shenanigans) Yooz, is as simple and easy as it gets. It has no buttons or switches; users can just insert the pod and puff away! A big plus too is that it is without that  nicotine-odor, if fully charged, can last up to 2 days and is convenient to carry. 

And that is really what it all boils down to: The best vaping experience next to a traditional smoke, which Yooz definitely tops.

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