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How RELX still stands as the top vape brand in the Philippines - VapeXpress

How RELX still stands as the top vape brand in the Philippines

It isn’t a question that recently there have been a lot of new vape brands that've been floating around in the country. With the rise of vaping & the pandemic accelerating the need to switch to a healthier alternative, it is but a given. 

And with the growing number of vape pen brands out there, which one stands out the most?

In this article we will go in a bit deeper to why we believe RELX Infinity is still the top vape brand in the Philippines, and what supports such a theory. Oh and if you are wondering, no, this isn’t just because of what we say but it is because it's what the market demands.


RELX Infinity - The Best Vape Pod System So Far

Yeap, you read that right. RELX Infinity by far is one of the best if not the top vape system so far, and here’s why we think so.

RELX is a Chinese company that has focused on electronic cigarette research and development over the past years while creating its proprietary product line of e-cigarettes to be distributed worldwide. Their main go-to claim for their products is their above the line delivery with technology being built in their DNA.

RELX Infinity also received the prestigious Red DOT Design  Award for their product design last 2020, with smoothness engineered by precision made possible by two cutting edge technologies, Air Boost - Negative pressure airway design & Active Steam Pro that allows constant & balanced atomizing.

It truly is well done, with an ultimate vape pen product from inside out.


An Excellent Vape Pen to Usher in New Vapers, RELX Infinity

Relx also became one a serious contender in the industry when they released a series of vape pods with the smoothest vape experience. Newbies can now take advantage of the Relx starter kit in a Solar Eclipse Celestial Series design. Its engineered ceramic atomizing technology produces the most authentic flavor since the e-liquid wraps around it to render a fresher throat hit. 

Relx also released more than ten different e-liquid flavors to capture every palate in the market. All of their formulations are created from the choice of ingredients and purest nicotine salts while being developed by a team of well-respected chemists and flavor scientists. If you're just starting to do the switch, a Relx starter kit might make the transition smoother for you.


RELX Infinity Award winning Features below:

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