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Do Better: Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco In The New Normal - VapeXpress

Do Better: Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco In The New Normal

In the age of the New Normal, stress and anxiety have gone hand in hand with our daily lives.

We all have different ways to cope with the mental struggles the pandemic presents us. For some, it's their usual habit of consuming nicotine as a way to unwind. It's a guilty pleasure; we are well aware of the possible consequences, but we can't get enough of it.

What to do, then? Look for alternatives! Let us Do Better.

A better option now? Really?

Heat-not-burn tobacco... fancy words, eh? Simply put, HNB tobacco products are designed to offer a better and less risky alternative to traditional smoking. By simply heating tobacco instead of burning it, HNB produces vapor with significantly less harmful chemicals.

Heat-Not-Burn: The Better Way?

As someone who consumes nicotine the traditional way, I won’t deny the inconveniences brought by it, especially how unpleasant I feel after a stick or two. Blame it on the stink that lingers long after your last puff, sticking to your hands, clothes, and even your hair. Plus, with HNB, we significantly reduce the risks compared to traditional smoking.

The HNB Experience

With its cutting-edge HeatMaster System, one known device that is propelling this industry is MOK, a device that heats HNB sticks to produce vapor. As a result, there’s no ash to dispose of and no odor that clings to your body.

The heating process starts by putting the COO stick inside the holder. To heat the stick, insert it until the first line and do a long-press. A power indicator can be seen right on the button. Once the key is pressed, you should feel the device vibrate in your hand-- an indication that the preheating has started.

You should also see either a blue or red light appear. A blue color indicates that the device has sufficient power while red is a sign that you should recharge it. Once turned on, wait for about 15 seconds, you’ll then feel the vibration again, at which point you’ll also start to smell the fragrance of the stick -- voila! it’s time for you to start puffing! (Disclaimer: If used on longer
periods without breaks, the tendency to cause a light burning sensation to the lips is apparent.)

Once the holder is done with the heating cycle, it powers off automatically. To remove the COO stick, push it down to reach the second line and pull it out. After that, you can place the holder back in the charger to juice up.

What About Vape Pens?

Before we even answer that question, let us understand what vape pens are first. And to answer your initial thoughts: No, they are very different from Heat-Not-Burn tobacco products. So, What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen in layman’s term looks like any fancy pen,it is slim, sleek and is very easy to carry. Vape pens come in various trendy colors including gold, platinum and silver depending on which brand manufactured it. Some vape pens are rechargeable and already come with an extra pod replacement.

Vape pens typically have a heating element that atomizes a liquid solution or what they call as a juice.The modality usually starts with a puff, just like traditional smoking; other vape pens turn on manually by pressing a button. Most versions are reusable, though some are also disposable.

The Final Verdict

In a nutshell: Both a Heat Not Burn tobacco product and Vape pens are impressively convenient and easy to use. Both devices are also fast in terms of charging speed. Ultimately, these two alternatives offer a significantly better smoking experience without the hassles of the traditional cigarette. Oh, and it is also a lighter and easy carry.

Breaking it down: The nicotine experience both devices gives is surprisingly almost the same amount of satisfaction -- if not more than what the traditional cigarettes give. This tells a lot TBH. This is quite an unexpected alternative that proved I can really do better.

With all the campaigns we see that discourage tobacco use, many users have convinced themselves to look for better alternatives. As a corporate 9-5 worker, I typically resorted to traditional smoking for a quick mood stabilizer.

With these new innovations though, it came as a blessing in disguise. Finally, I, and those like me who want to break free from the habit, have a better alternative. I must say that apart from posing minimal risks to one's health, the heat-not-burn technology offered also removed the
feelings of discomfort typically experienced in the traditional way.

While quitting completely is my ultimate goal, I have found a sanctuary in both a Heat Not Burn tobacco product and a vape pen. (Vape pens being my favourite)

Overall? The design and the user experience is indeed here to radically reshape everything you know about nicotine-induced satisfaction. I can even go as far as to say that I indeed am doing better.

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